What if you have a complaint?


The Nike Pension Fund wants to keep you informed about your pension as effectively as possible. We follow procedures to exclude errors as much as possible. However, even if the pension fund strictly observes the rules, you may happen to disagree with something, or feel that you have not been treated very well. If you have a complaint, we will obviously first try and resolve it between ourselves. If that does not work, you can submit a complaint in writing to the Pension Board of the pension fund.


After informing the Pension Board in writing of your complaint, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt within ten days. In some cases, you will receive a reply sooner than this, for example if the complaint can be dealt with quickly. Subsequently, the pension fund will respond to your complaint with a substantiated reply within six weeks. In the event that the pension fund anticipates that more time is required to process your complaint, you will be informed by the pension fund of the term concerned.


In the event that you are dissatisfied with the pension fund's response, you can address your complaint to the 'Ombudsman Pensioenen' (Dutch Ombudsman for Pensions).



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