You accrue pension in three ways:


A. State pension: General Old Age Pension Act (Algemene Ouderdomswet, AOW)

Every year you have lived or worked in the Netherlands, you accrue a state pension. You accrue this over 50 years. At which age you receive this pension, depends on your date of birth and is subject to change. Also the amount is not the same for everyone. The state pension amounts are adjusted annually. More information can be found on the website of the SVB (Dutch only).



B. Pension through your employer

You are accruing pension at Nike. Every year you receive the Nike Pension Statement (UPO) from us, which indicates the amount of your personal retirement savings plan & an estimate of what your pension payment will become should you continue working at Nike until your target retirement date. For an overview of your total pension you can go to  (Dutch only). This website provides you with the pension entitlements you accrued at other employers in the Netherlands and the state pension of the government.


C. Pension you arrange yourself

You can also arrange a pension yourself and supplement your overall pension. Examples: you can do this via bank savings or an insurance such as an annuity. Whether this is necessary depends on your personal situation. A financial advisor can help you to make choices. More information can be found on Nibud (Dutch only).


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Pension 1-2-3 (layer 2)