How do you build up a pension?


You build up a pension in 3 ways:

A. State Pension

You receive this pension from the government. Visit the Social Insurance Bank, the SVB (Dutch only) for more information.

B. Pension from Nike Pension Fund

You build up this pension via your employer. This is what the Pension 1-2-3 is about.

C. Pension arranged by yourself

This may be based on an annuity or on bank savings.

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Our plan is a Defined Contribution sCHEME

Each year, contributions are made into your personal retirement savings account. Those contributions will be invested. With the capital gained, you subsequently buy an old-age and partner pension in form of an annuity at an insurance company. This concept is also known as a defined contribution scheme.

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Your built-up pension

The amount of your contribution is determined by means of a % of your fixed salary. However, not your total fixed salary, as we take into account that you will receive a state pension. The part for which no contribution is required, is called the state offset. The offset amounts to Euro 13.344.- (2018). Hence the percentage is being applied to your fixed salary minus the offset, to the so called pension base.

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Who contributes to your pension

You and your employer are paying contributions to your pension plan every month. At Nike you pay 4% of the pension base yourself. Your employer deducts your contribution from your salary. The contribution you pay in detail is shown on your payslip.

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