I am a surviving relative


Your partner used to work for Nike (at some point) and passed away recently. In that case you will be able to buy a partner pension. The partner pension is taken out at an insurance company chosen by you converting the value of your deceased partner’s personal retirement savings account into a partner pension (and orphan pension). The pension payment will depend on the contributions your partner and Nike have made, the return on your investments in the account and the price the insurance company will charge for purchasing the partner pension payments.


Should your partner, whilst working at Nike, pass away, then you will receive a partner pension as from the month after your partner has passed away, for as long as you live.


The pension payment will depend on your partner’s salary and years of service at Nike. Your children will receive an orphans pension until the age of 18 or the age of 27, if they are still studying.


'Anw survivor benefit' payable by the Dutch government

In some cases, you are also entitled to a 'survivor benefit' from the Dutch government in accordance with the Dutch Surviving Dependents Act (Anw). If you have not yet reached the statutory retirement age yourself, upon the death of your partner you will receive a letter from the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (the organization that implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands) that can be used to apply for 'Anw survivor benefit'. You can also check whether you qualify for this benefit on SVB.nl.


Do you need to inform us as a surviving relative?

When a (former) employee dies, the Nike Pension Fund will be automatically notified by the 'Basisregistratie Personen' (municipal database, BRP). The pension fund then examines whether there are surviving relatives and whether they are eligible for a partner pension or orphans pension. If this is the case, the pension fund will inform the surviving dependents of this fact in writing. There is no need for you to act.


If we have not been in contact within one month of the date of death, the death can still be reported to us. This can be done either by letter or by phone.


When a (former) employee or pensioner dies while living abroad, The Nike Pension Fund must be informed and the surviving relatives must submit a death certificate.



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