A separation of you and your partner will have consequences for your pension.


Your personal retirement savings account can be split and set aside

The moment you separate from your partner registered with us, your pension may be split and half of it may be set aside for your ex-partner, in the assumption that you have not done any Value Transfer. It depends on what you have agreed earlier or upon divorce. Send us the divorce settlement agreement or alternatively the notary deed. If you have no agreement of separation, we may be forced to divide your pension between yourself and your ex-partner. In this case, your ex-partner will have an own pension.


We will be never forced to do so in case of cohabitation. Dividing your pension is only possible upon agreement explicitly and formally.


You are encouraged to let us know within two years what you and your ex-partner have agreed. This ensures that your pension remains up-to-date.


For further information, please see the pension plan rules or visit the Dutch government's website or the wijzeringeldzaken site (financial calculation tool).


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