I am disabled for work

You may receive a disability pension from us

If you suffer from long-term disability and meet the eligibility criteria, the Dutch government will pay you an income after two years of illness. The income, set by the UWV (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen — Dutch Employee Insurance Agency), is limited to 70% of the social security threshold or your salary, whichever is lower. If your salary is higher than this threshold, the Nike Pension Fund will top up the government's payment to 70% of your salary. Once the payment starts, the amount will remain at this level until you recover or until your eligibility ceases.


During your disability, both your contribution and Nike's contribution to your personal retirement savings account will continue to be paid by the Nike Pension Fund. After you leave the company (before your retirement) and if you are partially or fully disabled at that point in time, the pension accrual carries on (for that proportion and in line with the table below).


Level of                     Extent of

incapacity                 non-contributory

for work                    pension accrual

0–35%                        0%

35–45%                      37.5%

45-55%                       50.0%

55-65%                       62.5%

65-80%                       80.0%

80% or more             100%


The pension accrual ceases on the proportion of your ability to work. Someone who is disabled and who left the company will no longer be a member, but continues to accrue pension on the proportion of disability. If the proportion of disability in service increases after you leave Nike, the non-contributory continuation is not increased.


Please note: If the extent of your disability decreases, the non-contributory continuation will be decreased. If you are unfit for work and have left the company, and if you are declared fully recovered, your total pension accrual with the Nike Pension Fund will end.


Your death in service benefits will also continue. Your eligibility to this is subject to the government’s Disability Insurance Act.


In the Nike Pension Plan, you can read what kind of arrangement in detail we offer.



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