How do we communicate with you?


There will be several channels of communication about Nike's pension. General information about your pension can be found on our website, but more personal information, such as the Nike Pension Statement (Uniform Pension Overview), will always be sent to you in writing, by letter. Below you will find an overview of how we communicate with you.





Through the website, the pension fund informs you comprehensively regarding all matters that relate to the pension fund. The information on the pension fund's website is accessible to anyone and does not contain any personal information. However, you can use the website to log into This website, the name of which translates as 'my personal overview', provides you with personal information on your pension built up throughout your entire working life in the Netherlands.


Pension 1-2-3

Everyone who is new to the company will receive layer 1 of our Pension 1-2-3 in writing. It contains all the information needed to gain a good insight into the Pension Plan of the Nike Pension Fund. You can also read about the Pension 1-2-3 on the website, under the header “I build up a pension”. On the website, you can also find a downloadable version of layer 1 and layer 2 of the Pension 1-2-3.


Annual report

Each year, the Nike Pension Fund publishes an annual report detailing the pension fund accounts for the policy implemented over the previous year. The annual report can be downloaded from this website.




Uniform Pension Overview (UPO)

Early summer active members receive the Nike Pension Statement (Uniform Pension Overview). It provides all information for your personal situation: your retirement, your partner and orphan pension and what would happen in case you become disabled or pass away.

Take a careful look at the overview after you receive it. After all, it is good to know how your pension is doing, and it takes fifteen minutes at most to read it. Store it well as you may need it, e.g. in case you apply for a mortgage.


Deferred members will receive a UPO once every five years, generally around October.


Reach out to us, if you have lost the Nike Pension Statement or for any questions you may have.

If you wish to see an overview of your total pension accrued during your working life, log in with your DigiD to the website provided by the Dutch government:

Here you will receive a complete overview of:

  • Your state pension;
  • Your pension accrued with current and any previous employers;
  • How much pension you can accrue in total;
  • The pension for your surviving dependents, if applicable.


We recommend that you take a look from time to time, and at least once a year.


Personal Retirement Savings Account

Should you want to know how your investments perform, you can check out your personal retirement savings account we hold for you. The pension board of the Nike Pension Fund has selected NN Investment Partners as the investment managers of your savings. Go to MyPension.NNIP for daily fund prices, switches between funds and for changes you would like to make to your personal profile.


Help desks / personal chat / contact

We are always happy to talk to you, so do not hesitate to send us a message, call or write to us if you have a question.  The pension fund can be reached by phone, email or letter. Find our contact details here.


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