Getting married / living together


If you get married or enter into a legally registered partnership

Your partner will be entitled to a partner pension. You do not need to enrol your partner with us for that purpose. The Dutch municipality does this for you.


If you are cohabiting

It is open to you to enrol your partner as your partner pension beneficiary provided certain requirements are met. If you cohabit without being married, your partner is not automatically entitled to partner pension when you die. For the exact requirements consult the Nike Dutch Pension Plan through the downloads. In order to make your partner qualify for the pension, you must register your partner with us and have a cohabitation contract and a joint household which have existed for at least 6 months, ór alternatively if the duration of the joint household has existed for at least three years.


The following documents need to be sent to the Nike Pension Fund:


In case of a registered partnership for at least 6 months:

  • a copy of your and your partner’s ID;
  • and a copy of the partnership contract for registered partnerships.


In case you have lived together for 3 years or more:

  • a copy of your and your partner’s ID;
  • and a copy of the registration document from the city hall for unregistered partnerships.


After the receipt of the necessary documents, we will change your marital status in our administration and send you a confirmation. This will also then be reflected in your Uniform Pension Statement.


Whilst you live abroad

Whilst you live abroad, or have lived abroad you register your partner by sending in an extract document from the local municipality where the local population register is held.


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